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Undeniably, there is an hovering mysterious and attractive feeling here, like when you experience it once, it is too late to get off the hook and you want some more of it. The list is too long to find the appropriate words that would describe Namibia at its best!


Yet, this country is merely a land of contrast composed of limitless, diverse landscapes which the amazing light of sunrise and sunset makes of these moments some blissful ones. What to say about its rich abundant African Fauna and Flora that the first inhabitants, the San people, have managed to tame and use for so many centuries and until now.

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Namibia has a large territory spreading on not less than 825 418 km2 (nearly twice bigger than France)  and sharing borders with Angola (North), South Africa (South), Botswana and Zambia (North-East). This country of Southern Africa only counts 2.1 million people since its last 2011 census. It  was the last country in the world to gain independence (from South Africa) on 21 march 1990 and its Capital City is Windhoek (about 350 000 people).


If more and more travelers delight of this African country every year, it is merely because it has a lot to offer and some are now even coming for the 2nd or even 3rd time in order to discover everything they once missed or simply see again what they liked. Each day of your stay here is completely different and since each and single region displays its own features (geological formations for instance) and its respective people will always welcome you with open arms to share their culture.

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Speechless and various landscapes, astonishing light nuances, fabulous color spectrum, rich wildlife & flora, fun adventurous activities, friendly & welcoming people…

For sure, Namibia has it all.

(Come and let's all see)

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