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About Me

“Life is merely made of opportunities of any kind that make the pace of it. Some simply come to you on your way while others need to be generated. One may find a base to settle down and evolve around it. This is what I tend to always keep in mind, achieve, and still go on with.”


Originally from the North of France, I have grabbed my 1st opportunity of a long distance life experience in 1997 as I was sent to Windhoek to work for the French cooperation. My background in Arts & Communication has led me to a position of an event coordinator and graphic designer at the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre where I have developed some event management skills for 18 months. After a short and interesting break in movie production in Paris, I decided to come back to Namibia to settle down for good ; what I did in 1999 and I got another opportunity: to embrace the Namibian Tourism industry! That time, I could not yet imagine that 14 years later I would actually still be passionate about that great and exciting field and to make it my full time professional occupation.

Certified field guide level I & II in 2001 (from the Field Guide Association of Southern Africa), I have conducted many tours throughout Namibia and more recently Botswana. After the visit of a relative in 2005, I decide to embark on another venture and go back to my homeland, France, in order to run and achieve my Land Sailing instructor training. Back to Namibia, I pursue a long administration process to register Landyachting EcoFun and operate that amazingly fun and safe activity, on the Namibian coast (in the gravel plain of the Namib desert, North of Swakopmund) from 2006 to 2009.


Years after years, my passion for Africa, and what it has to offer, has never abandoned me and is rather constantly growing. I might have come to Southern Africa by coincidence but I have remained here, and shall still, by conviction and with a great sentimental attachment. My passion for Tourism and outdoor is based on loving Nature and constantly learning about it, as well as the communication/public relations figures that made me enjoy sharing my knowledge and interests with a large number of overseas tourists. Now benefiting of such a long experience, I really feel like I have built up relevant skills and a strong overview of what Tourism is about, how to promote and make you discover such a remarkable unique Namibia and its neighboring countries . You can rely on my hard work, trust my best involvement and professionalism to make your journey an unforgettable one ever.


You’re welcome!!!



Owner / Managing Director / Tour Guide

David Marquis

Bwelani (meaning "Come", in an inviting way to discover, from the Nyanja language spoken in Zambia) is a Namibian based Tour Facilitator and operates any Tourism related activities... With 17 years experience in this industry, passionate about Wildlife, Botanic, Geology, keen to share my knowledge and Love for this astonishing Southern Africa with travelers, I am very confident that I can make your African dream comes true!!


From any tailormade and also more classic affordable tours, anything is possible here according to your wishes and expectations (lodges, camping and/or mixed). Whether you are French or English speaking, we will understand each other as I provide my guided tours in both languages. At last but not least, Namibia is my new home for 20 years now but I am also able to offer you some extensions to Botswana, Zimbabwe (Victoria Falls) and in a soon future Zambia and why not Uganda to go and feel the vibes of approaching the last wild gorillas on Earth!!!

About Bwelani

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Feel free and welcome to show your interest in discovering breathtaking Namibia and the African spirit  - so let's embark on the adventure together!!! Life is too short and full of dreams, so come live them and take a walk on the wild side!


“Bwelani ti one!!!” (Come and let’s all see)

I am waiting for you dear Globetrotters :)


Hakuna Matata!!!

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(Come and let's all see)

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